The best time for new beginnings is NOW.

What to expect?

We are a power yoga community that focuses on a strong fluid yoga practice and breath. We combine each movement with an inhale or an exhale which helps us create flow from one pose to the next. We flow fairly quickly in the beginning of class to build heat in our bodies and slow things down at the end of class to stretch and open our muscles. We practice in a heated room to 90ish degrees which adds an extra layer of intensity and challenge for us to overcome. It also creates a lot of sweat! What you’ll find at the end of class is a clear mind, strong body and ease which you can then carry into the rest of your day.

What to bring?

  • Your own yoga mat or rent one of ours for $3 {First time students get free mat rental!}
  • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • A hand towel to soak up that sweat!
  • We recommend wearing comfortable, sweat wicking clothing that allows you to move easily.

Where do I start?

To serve our Beginner Yogis, we offer two Power Basic Classes each week.

Tuesdays at 7:30PM and Sundays at 11AM

Or hop into any of our classes! Let your teacher know that its your first class and we’ll be sure to keep an extra eye on you. We move a little quicker in the beginning so do your best to follow along, skip poses if you need to or take childs pose for a rest if needed. Before you know it, you’ll be helping others with their practice. We promise!

Check out our monthly Power Yoga 101 Workshop for a two hour small group workshop. Learn more from our Events + Workshops page!

Our #getinthehabit 2 Weeks for $30 of unlimited yoga is perfect for anyone brand new to our studio.

Tips for Success!

Here are some tips to set you up for an awesome first visit with us:

  1. Allow time for parking.
  2. Arrive 10 minutes before class starts. We start and end class on time to be respectful of your busy schedule and the rest of the community.
  3. We lock the door at the start of class to protect our community’s personal belongings in our lobby.  Arrive 10 minutes early to class.
Have more questions? Please call or email us with any questions.